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Our first Prime Minister is known for his great accomplishments in the area of children’s progress and development, earning him the affectionate nickname, “Uncle Nehru”, among India’s young. Sixty years on, though, millions of Indian children suffer from malnutrition and child labor.

Garments and gems constitute a major part of the nation’s exports, while there are many who struggle on an insufficient income.

In a country that is credited with establishing the world’s first university, a sizable portion of the population is still illiterate.

India has rapidly progressed, improving the lives of millions; but still carries the immense burden of underdevelopment.

God can use any individual whose heart seeks to end the preventable suffering of people all across this nation. …We must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” 1

Hand of Hope, the missions-outreach of Joyce Meyer Ministries, operates on a God-given mandate to uplift and provide for the underprivileged in India and all across the world.

With a serving heart, Hand of Hope delivers aid and loving care to the orphaned, elderly, starving, suffering, illiterate, and those who need to be rescued. We encourage you to spend some time on this website and read about Hand of Hope’s projects in India, and elsewhere in Asia.

Yes, dear reader, to alleviate poverty and suffering is a massive effort but it is one that is made up of individuals, like you. No person is insignificant in this effort and no one else can play the part that you were created for. With you, there can be one less child who cannot read or elderly person without a wheelchair or, one less life not saved.

There is a need among the people of our country, and it is up to us to end their suffering, with God’s love.

Lend your Hand of Hope and get involved with us on this mission for India’s poor and disadvantaged.


1. Acts 20:35 (NIV)

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