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Joyce Meyer's books cover a wide range of topics and offer practical advice based on a wealth of experience! These books play a vital role in bringing people the help they need.

In order to facilitate this, we work with local organizations around the world to translate and distribute many of Joyce's books throughout different regions.

Joyce Meyer's books have been translated into more than 134 global languages and over 33 million books have been distributed worldwide!

Our eStore offers you the chance to shop for a wide range of Joyce Meyer's books on our website! Just click here to browse an exciting list of Joyce books available in multiple Indian languages!

When God When
We have all heard the phrase, "timing is everything", however, most of us forget to wait patiently. Impatience, frustration, and disappointment can build because you're waiting for things to happen now!

In this uplifting book, Joyce Meyer shows you how to respect and trust times of waiting. At the right time you will see your dreams and the visions fulfilled!

Why God Why
During times of confusion, we often find ourselves asking, Why, God, Why? Joyce Meyer's insights help us realize that trying to figure everything out all the time can distract us from life's simple joys. Learn how to end confusion in your mind and bring happiness back into your life and enjoy it like never before!

Healing the Brokenhearted
If you have been hurt in the past and find it difficult to trust, this book has an answer for you. In these pages, Joyce Meyer reveals how to triumph over fear and have peace of mind when you allow healing to take place in you. You will see your present and future change for the better!

Straight Talk - Series
Are you afraid, alone, depressed, discouraged, insecure, stressed or worried? Joyce Meyer offers you practical advice on these topics in a series of books titled Straight Talk!

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