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Abel has hazy, unhappy memories of his father.

An alcoholic who would fight with his wife regularly, he was involved with a bad crowd and soon abandoned his family.

The sole earning member, Abel's mother worked wherever there was work to be found. However, the needs of three children were no match for the meagre income she managed to earn. Times were tough, food was scarce and 9 year old Abel's round face began to wear a gaunt, pinched look.

Noticing their plight, a relative told her about the Hand of Hope children's home. Anil's mother decided to admit Abel and his sister at the home. She knew they had a far better chance at working toward improving their lives at the home.

At the home, Abel and his sister receive healthy meals and proper education. He and his new friends enjoy learning about the love of God, together.

Abel and his sister are happier than ever. Their mother is employed as one of the maids at the home and they get to see each other every day.

At the home, Abel is making new, joyful memories that he will hold in his heart all the days of his life.

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*The name of the child has been changed for privacy

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