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Nuwara Eliya and its approximately 3,000 residents, who are mostly laborers making bricks and tiles, endure much hardship without water. The only water pipeline often runs dry as a result of the frequent power cuts. All in all, this creates an increasingly hopeless situation for the people whose only other option is to walk a distance no less than 4km for a pot of water.

Indigenous to the hills of Nuwara Eliya is Pastor Roland*, whose empathetic heart sensed the many troubles of his people. Resolved to turn the situation around, Pastor Roland had only one plea from God: to supply his townspeople with fresh water and create a path to preach the Gospel. As he witnessed time and again, those prayers were answered.

Year after year, Pastor Roland was elated at the growing number of people who attended church, but the groaning of the hardworking people with no water to quench their dry throats also left a ringing in his ears that he was sure reached God as well.

In late January, Pastor Roland stood atop a hill looking at the treetops, roads and houses beneath. Behind him he could hear the joyful sound of approaching townspeople gathering to see the unveiling of their very own, brand new freshwater well pump– a blessing bestowed upon Nuwara Eliya by Joyce Meyer Ministries potable water initiative Well of Life.

Sponsored by New Life Church, the brand new bore well and church building was the answer to the many prayers of the residents who no longer have to worry about their health. With a clean supply of drinking water, they can get back to work and walk down to the water pump in confidence that they can return home with a pot overflowing with clean water.

Pastor Roland sees in the Well of Life project a wonderful opportunity to share God's love with every family in town. Now as men, women and children walk up the hill with pots in hand, the water pump stands as a perfect representation of Nuwara Eliya, which rightly translates into - the city of light.

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*Name changed for privacy

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