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Children's Homes
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Born into a poor family Peter's parents passed away when he was a seven years old. His aunt took him in and cared for him. Since the income she earned as a farmer was barely sufficient for the two of them, his siblings were taken in by other relatives.

However, life only got more and more difficult for Peter and his aunt. Insufficient funds meant empty aching stomachs and hungry days ahead. Sixteen year old Peter tried to help his aunt by rifling through garbage in the hope of finding something he could sell.

Noticing how scrawny Peter had become, his aunt realized she would not be able to give him a good life. She learned about the Hand of Hope Children's, enquired about the admissions procedure and encouraged her nephew to attend the home.

It was here Peter's life started to turn around.

At the children's home Peter receives healthy meals and proper education. One of the better scorers at the school, he takes eager part in his lessons and utilizes his talent in singing during worship.

Once his schooling is complete, Peter intends to join a college and pursue further education with confidence and hope in a better future.

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