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Hand of Hope is the missions arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Our goal is simply to help as many hurting people as we possibly can, to alleviate human suffering and to help Christians grow in their faith.

In eight countries in Asia, Hand of Hope works to serve the needs of people especially children and ease or eradicate their suffering.

Hand of Hope runs many different programs to provide humanitarian aid in specific areas where people suffer without basic necessities to stay alive.

Here is a brief description of our programs:

    Feeding Programs
  • Hunger and malnutrition is one of the leading causes of death among children in the world today. Without nutritious food, a child's body is chronically weakened and they suffer from severe (sometimes fatal) deficiencies.
  • Each child enrolled into the Hand of Hope feeding programs is fed a nutritious meal, tutored in their school work and given ample play time with the other children.
  • In short, the feeding programs give children what many do not have a happy childhood!
  • Children's Homes
  • Without a parent or a guardian, a child is exposed to horrible dangers. Exploitation, child labor, human trafficking these are just some of the dangers that a child can fall into without proper supervision and care.
  • The children's homes run by Hand of Hope place these children in a safe environment, give them an education, feed them nutritious meals and snacks every day, provide them with healthy and enjoyable interaction with other children their age and give them a solid foundation to grow into successful adults.
  • Water Relief
  • The scarcity of drinking water is a problem that is plaguing many parts of the world. Without water to drink, a person can become severely dehydrated a condition leading to sickness or even death.
  • The Hand of Hope project to combat the deadly effects of water scarcity is called Well of Life. The Well of Life team drills a freshwater bore well for the people of a village or town in desperate need of clean water to drink.
  • Medical Missions
  • Little or no access to medicine / medical treatment poses a serious threat to the life of a human being. Many people without the access or money to be treated in a hospital suffer immensely or die from preventable causes.
  • The Hand of Hope Medical Missions team of doctors, dentists, ophthalmologists, pharmacists, lab technicians and volunteers travel to remote locations to diagnose, treat and serve people who lack medical attention.
  • Human Trafficking
  • Human trafficking is truly one of the darkest parts of our world. Girls and women who have been kidnapped, abducted and forced into prostitution have lived lives that are far too alien for many to understand.
  • Hand of Hope works to rescue these girls and women and help them find their footing in a safe and healthy environment. Through various outreaches, Hand of Hope runs classes that teach vocational skills, offers a friendly atmosphere to make new friends with people who have experienced a similar situation, and takes care of their children.
  • Disaster Relief
  • Hand of Hope distributes emergency relief supplies to victims of natural disasters and offers assistance to people who have little or no help from the devastation that has ruined their homes or their lives.
  • Some of the recent disasters that Hand of Hope was able to offer humanitarian assistance are: Indian Ocean tsunami (2004), Kurnool Floods (2009), Myanmar earthquake (2011), Thailand floods (2011) and most recently the earthquakes in Nepal (2015).
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