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Radiant faces and sparkling little eyes filled the room at the Manuguru Kids' Games, as everyone geared up for another great time of fun, games and a whole lot more. Kids' Games is specially designed to provide children with the fun, frolic and good learning that a childhood should contain.

The skits and puppet shows are organized by the students of various Bible colleges who teach the kids about the love of God through interactive methods using the word of God.

Even the children played their part in the events, singing action songs that got everybody involved. The games and Bible quizzes also added to the excitement and after a scrumptious lunch the children were once again ready to listen to another awe inspiring Bible story to teach them the ways of the Lord.

The Bible instructs us to train up children in the way they should go and when they get older they won't depart from it. This is the foundation of the Kids' Games.

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