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Rag pickers are often treated badly. They are derided and their work is considered degrading.

Amina and her family belong to this community. Her parents leave for work early in the morning, only to return tired and weary late at night.

They scavenge through the garbage for plastic, aluminum foil, paper, bottles and almost anything that can be sold. Sadly, even with all the work they do, their income remains meagre at best.

With precious little money, 8 year Amina and her family face days and nights where hunger is their only constant companion.

This was before Amina's family heard about the Hand of Hope feeding center.

Today at the center, Amina is a very different girl compared to the way she was before.

Bright eyed and wide smiles, she looks healthy and happy. In addition to this her concentration has improved, allowing her to study well and move to a higher class for students with above average intelligence.

At the Hand of Hope center, Amina is a joy to be around. With a full meal in her stomach and the love of her teachers, she now has the chance to work towards a bright future.

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*The name of the child has been changed

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