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The slum under the flyover is home to a ragged and dissolute bunch of people. Mixed among those who work weary hours to make a living, are the gamblers, the drug addicts and the alcoholics.

Daya's family works hard for little pay. His father works as a gas cylinder delivery man, while his mother works to manage the finances at home as a housewife.

They are careful to teach Daya the right way of life and his behavior displays this. A good child, he helps out at home and does not utter a word of complaint when food is scarce.

His parents wanted more for him and his siblings, but knew their paltry wages would not be enough to provide it.

It was around this time that he joined the Hand of Hope feeding program.

Daya and the other children are fed healthy and nutritious meals at the Hand of Hope feeding program and his parents no longer worry about how to give him a better life.

At the Hand of Hope feeding program, Daya gets along well with the other children and is a responsible child.

When the cleaner was on leave, not only did Daya and his friends clean up the center, but did such an excellent job that even the landlord took note.

Because of the good upbringing his parents fought to give him, today Daya has a future that overflows with all the possibilities his parents imagined for him.

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*The name of the child has been changed

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