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In the corner of a city, there once stood a slum.

It was a rundown and difficult place to live; a place where many people struggled to make a living and provide for their families. Over time, this slum slowly developed into the small town that it is now. Its inhabitants belonging to different castes, languages and religious backgrounds live with one another in harmony and peace.

Many things have united them in the past, and one of them has been the Hand of Hope children's home, which has given support for many families in their time of need.

In this slum is a young family that has known struggle for a long time. A pastor by profession, the father of this family had to cope with immense financial pressure to support his wife and children. Their only daughter, Bea (name changed), had cancer and the colossal cost of her treatment and medication crippled their ability to care for their son Sam (name changed). They nonetheless carried on and did the best they could for their family.

But when Bea died of cancer, they plunged into grief and their burdens only seemed to increase more.

They were devastated and struggled to pick up the pieces of their broken lives. But they had to focus on their son Sam, and give him the childhood he needed.

Desperately trying their best to support Sam, but unable to do so, they thought of the Hand of Hope children's home and had faith that it was the place for him to grow and develop into a young adult.

At the home, Sam is healthier, is learning, and has developed his own interests and hobbies.

The nutritious food he eats every day gives him the strength to spend his free time playing sports with the other children. He has also learned to play the conga drums and contributes his musical talent in church and Sunday school.

Each day that goes by, Sam learns something new at school, where he is an enthusiastic 6th grader. He is well behaved, disciplined and also knows many Bible stories and verses, by heart. His life has transformed drastically from pain and struggle, to the joy and opportunity that now characterize his young and promising life.

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