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The bell tower of a famous cathedral attracts throngs of visitors all year round. In the area, a small village of agricultural laborers struggles to cope with illness and poor health with no medical attention for miles around.

Three-fourths of the population are illiterate and most are agricultural workers; a profession which pays very little money. The nearest hospital is ten kilometers away, therefore when illness strikes, their only cure is to wait and hope.

It was with sheer joy therefore that the people welcomed Hand of Hope's medical team who brought medical, dental and ophthalmological care to uplift the weary lives of Rajahnalli's people.

Lab tests and X-rays on the 14-foot Medical Mobile Clinic provided detailed diagnosis, and free spectacles were prescribed for those who had their eyes tested by ophthalmologists.

Hand of Hope brought more than medical care to people long in need of help. The care given invigorated the resolve of Rajahnalli's people to live a better future.

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