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With a large and increasing population, the country struggles with issues related to a high population and high population density; issues such as poverty and the distribution of resources.

Many states suffer severe scarcity of water, especially small, remote villages

So severe is the shortage that one farming village has no bore wells or water taps.

The people have to walk one and a half kilometers to the neighboring village to collect water for their families, but this water is unclean and frequently causes sickness among the people.

Under the leadership of the pastor, the Christian community meets in a rented house which is so small that it cannot accommodate everyone who gathers.

A freshwater bore well and a brand new church building was exactly what the village needed and the Well of Life project stepped forward to provide it.

It lifted a heavy burden from the people by providing fresh water to the families of the village, who no longer need to walk a tiresome journey to provide water for their families.

The Well of Life project has met the needs of a suffering people and brought them much happiness and hope for the future.

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