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Fourteen year old Mandy, and her large family are not well to do, but they manage. Her parents are farmers who cultivate their small plot and reap rice and corn twice a year.

During dry spells, they go into town to find extra work as daily wage earners.

Mandy however craved the right to be an educated young woman.

Her hunger for education kept her focused even on days when food was scarce.

Then, when she reached grade four, her parents wanted her to drop out of school as they could no longer afford to pay for her higher education.

The pastor saw that Mandy was distressed at being unable to continue her education. He helped her enroll in the Hand of Hope children's home and when she was accepted into the home, her pretty brown eyes gleamed with delight.

In the Home, Mandy has justified her parents and the pastor's faith in her by doing very well at school. Her health has improved due to the healthy food and the care they receive at the home.

A diligent, cheerful girl, Mandy works hard and now allows her dreams free rein.

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*The name of the child has been changed for privacy

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