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Elsa's town is growing fast, but her parents worry about the safety of their daughter. They know that although the city is developing, the dangers of drug trade, crime, prostitution, human trafficking and gambling will follow.

Her parents are good people who work as daily wage earners and do what they can to provide for their children. The inconsistent nature of their work makes putting food on the table, an uphill struggle.

Seven year old Elsa knows if her parents look worried, they must start preparing for days of scarce food.

Elsa's parents and others, worry that their children will be drawn to the lure of easy money for the sake of a hot meal every day.

The Hand of Hope feeding center has allayed their worries almost completely. Here she eats a hot meal that fills her tummy. She and her new friends sing, play games or simply sit and listen to Bible stories narrated by their teacher.

Within the safety of the Hand of Hope feeding center walls, Elsa runs, jumps, plays, studies and all in all behaves like a normal little girl, who hasn't a care in the world.

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*The name of the child has been changed for privacy

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