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Pete was only five years old when his mother died and his father decided to move from the remote village they were living in, to the town.

Pete's father became employed at building sites as daily wage labor. The change in construction sites meant, his family had to keep moving from camp to camp.

When Pete was old enough to attend school, his father realized he would not be able to afford to send him. He was upset and did not want Pete and his sister to suffer this fate.

After much careful and agonizing deliberation, he asked a volunteer to admit Pete and his sister into the Hand of Hope Children's Home.

He wanted, he said, for them to be able to attend school and change their lives for the better.

Pete and his sisters' transformation from skinny children to healthy, energetic children was achieved over time through special care.

Pete misses his father, but knows that he did what was best for them. He is now living up to the hope his father had for him and is studying well.

Hot food, healthy living, and new friends have given him a sense of contentment and peace.

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*The name of the child has been changed for privacy

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