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The Home of Hope Old Age Home is a special place dedicated to the needs of homeless widows and widowers from various places and communities.

60 year old Helen* is one of many women who found refuge in the home. Even in times of hardship and financial trouble, Helen and her husband battled it out together, just the two of them, for they never had children.

Helen’s husband later came home with good news. He got a good job as a caretaker in a government school. After a long struggle it finally seemed like their lives were turning out for the best. But unfortunately a while later, her husband became very ill and passed away – all of a sudden. Alone and desperate for help, Helen accepted the only job she was qualified for: a daily wage worker.

She worked long hours as long as she could but age soon caught up with her and she was unable to work anymore. She tried to work thrice a week but she soon realized she could no longer support herself. 

It was shortly after this that someone directed her to the Hand of Hope Old Age Home where she resides today. Today, Helen is a happy woman who enjoys the company of her fellow boarders. She is grateful and overjoyed that she doesn’t have to work at her age since the staff at the home tends to her every need with the love and care of God. If you would like to show the love of God to the elderly who have no one to take care of them, partner with Hand of Hope. Click here to learn all about partnership with Hand of Hope!

*The name of the person has been changed for privacy

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