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Children's Homes

Her family consists of her grandfather and grandmother. Her parents work in another town to and send money home.

However, when her grandfather fell ill, the mounting expenses were met with what little money they had. Cassie had to leave school so they could pay the bills.

As a result, her wand slim, gangly frame is a product of not enough food and far too much worry.

This changed the day she was accepted into the Hand of Hope feeding center. At the feeding center, Cassie and the other children get healthy meals seven times a week.

No longer painfully thin, she is now a long limbed young teenager with an elegantly pretty face. She loves to learn more about Jesus and enjoys the games and singing at the center.

Cassie has discovered that even though people might call her family poor, she rejoices that her future hold a wealth of promise.

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*The name of the child has been changed for privacy

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