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The Word of Their Testimony...

I have been hearing Joyce's messages over the Zee Television Channel and have read several of her books. They have inspired me to enhance my daily walk with God. Last year I started having severe pain in my neck and back and was diagnosed with spondylosis. I sought medical advice and was informed to take precautionary measures to avoid worsening my medical condition. I was also informed that there was no cure for my problem.

As soon as I heard of Joyce's conference that was going to be held in January 2008 in Mumbai, I registered immediately. Since June 2007 I began counting down the days until the conference would be here. I believe that Joyce is a great woman of God and that He would flow through her to bring healing to people with the power of Jesus Christ. So, as I waited for the conference to come, I began to put my faith out there that I would receive my healing from all of my medical problems when I attend Joyce's conference. 

After several months of waiting, I developed high fever on the night before the conference. I was feeling very distressed and wondered if I would be able to make it to the conference. My determination did not allow me to give up easily. I left home at 6.30 a.m. every morning and attended both the morning and evening sessions on all four days of the conference.  Each day of the conference I relished with great joy. During those four days, I experienced many miracles in my life which I believe could not have been possible without God's intervention. On the second day of the conference, when Joyce began speaking in tongues I experienced an inner peace and greater joy; and on the third day of the conference I was healed and set free from all my medical problems.

Since that day, I have been able to carry heavy weights without experiencing intense pain. I am very happy that God has touched and changed my life. All glory to Jesus Christ for sending Joyce Meyer to our country and letting us hear His Word through her conference.


I didn’t feel anything dramatic...

I attended the Festival of Life’08 in Mumbai along with my children aged 17 and 10 years from Srinagar, Kashmir – the northern most state of India. I have been extremely blessed by the conference. Every message shared by different speakers and by Joyce Meyers herself seemed just for me! It was a dream-come-true-experience to worship the King of kings along with Delirious? and Hillsong. It was a glorious moment when people from many nations, tongues and tribes were bowing and confessing Jesus Christ as Lord. I was totally touched when Darlene said: ‘You can dance only when you’re free’. The Festival of Life conference set me free from shackles that had bound me for years to experience confidence, freedom and joy.  I am now blessed to bless. It sure was a great and glorious party.

I discovered I also received healing while Joyce prayed the second last day - the simplest prayer for healing just as she asked everyone to lay hands on parts which had been afflicted. 

I was suffering from severe discomfort during the monthly period. Presence of an ovarian cyst and fibroid was the cause of all the severe cramps, pain and discomfort. I suffered until the 16th Jan '08 but felt better the next two days but knew I had to suffer the ordeal every month. I would also bleed frequently mid cycle. I suffered silently and just took medication for the pain. I wondered how bad it must have been for the lady who suffered for fourteen long years but finally got to touch the Master's robe. I prayed Lord, I'm not worthy but how I wish I could also touch the hem of His robe to receive healing. As Joyce led us in prayers I laid hands on my tummy and prayed along. I didn’t feel anything dramatic but I did have sense of assurance that I have been healed. I would know of it only later when the time of the month would be due. I believe Jesus was right there and I did get to touch his robe even as I joined the crowds in worshipping Him and He did heal me. Praise the Lord! I'm perfectly fine and enjoying Everyday Life - just as He intended!

Thank you for inviting and hosting such a party. It surely was a blast – worth every penny we spent for the airfare and much more. I am so happy I did the right thing to travel all the way to Mumbai just for the conference. Joyce Meyer Ministries is being such a blessing for the extension of His kingdom and the glory of His name. Thank you very much. The Holy Spirit was at work…and He still is. I am humbled to think that this feast that was laid out before the nation of India would not have been possible without the prayers and generous giving of people who want to see countless saved. God bless each one of you abundantly.

In Him,
Jean, Kashmir (Name changed to maintain confidentiality)


I overcame my fear…

My name is Sam. I belong to a district called Kottayam in Kerala, but I work as a telephone cooperationists for a private firm at Trivandrum.

Some time back, I fell sick and went for a check up, the doctor said I had diabetes, hearing that I became very discouraged and started to think that I would die at anytime. I also started to wonder about my family and who would take care of them when I died. All these thoughts started to cause a lot of tension in my mind and I became very thin. I knew something had to be done, but I was not able to overcome the fear that the problem of my diabetes had brought.

One morning, I was unable to sleep. I lay in bed for a while and then decided to go watch TV for some time. I kept skipping through the channels when suddenly one of the channels caught my eye. There was a foreign lady speaking. And as I sat there in front of the TV and listened to her message, her voice touched my heart.

Later that day, I contacted the Joyce Meyer Ministries (JMM) office at Kottayam and they sent me a free booklet called ‘How to overcome fear’ written by Joyce Meyer. That book really helped me to overcome from all my anxieties.

The next day onwards I started to watch her program daily. Today I cannot start my day without hearing her message. Her positive way of approaching a problem has helped me to overcome my fear of diabetics too.

I also contacted the Kottayam office everyday for their counseling and their encouragement has really touched my life. I told them some of my personal problems and requested them to pray for me, and they have been, I know because I can see the results in myself and my family.

I am very thankful for all the help and encouragement given by Joyce Meyer and those who work with her. My family and I are all happy today because of the help and prayer given by JMM. We love Joyce’s program and we pray that God will give her sufficient finance and help her as she preaches and continues to run this ministry that encourages thousands like me.

Sam, Kottyam

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